It is said that when trying to get back into optimal physical shape and good health that it’s 20% how you work out and 80% what you eat and how you eat it. Read more about how Fresh & Fit Meals can help you achieve your 100%!


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  • Fresh & Fit in the Gym

    You’re sweaty and tired from a hard workout and you still have to go home and cook? How about you focus on your fitness and let us focus on curing your hunger. Take meals home with you straight from the gym. Grinder Gym is the exclusive pick up location for Fresh & Fit Meals. All […]

  • Fresh & Fit for the Family

    There is not a chef in every family yet we all want that restaurant quality meal. Not only do we offer fresh, healthy and great tasting meals but we also provide affordability and convenience.No one has to know you didn’t prepare these meals, that will be our little secret. Fresh & Fit Family Style: Family […]

  • Fresh & Fit in the Workplace

    Most people spend 1/3 of their day at work and a lot of their pay goes to eating out. Yes, fast food may be convenient however mixed with a sedentary job your waistline tells a different story. Why not you and 3 or more of your work buddies invest your hard earned money on better […]


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